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Travel & Trial Beard Kits

Our travel and trial sizes are perfect for those looking to try out our premium beard care products.  Each sample includes one fluid dram of our premium beard oil and a ¼ ounce of our handcrafted beard wax.  

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Directions for use of our Beard Balm

For best results: Starting at the middle of the tin, break the balm surface area by scraping the desired amount of balm using the back of your thumb nail. Rub balm between thumb and forefinger until warm. Apply to beard or mustache and style. 


Directions for use of our Beard Oil

Apply beard oil right after showering or cleansing, and after you have completely dried off your beard. At this time your hair follicles and pores are open and can more easily absorb the oil. Rub the beard oil into your hand and massage throughout your beard. For those with longer beards, apply a few drops to your comb or brush and distribute evenly to ensure that each hair is coated and the oil penetrates to the skin beneath.