Should I use Beard Balm or Beard Wax?

Should I use Beard Balm or Beard Wax?

Oct 1st 2019

Ok, I am looking at the ingredients in the beard balm as well as the ingredients in the beard wax.  THEY ARE THE SAME!  Why are they the same and which one do I get?  To answer this dilemma, we need to break down each beard product by what they do for your beard.

Beard Oils

As your beard grows, you may start getting that "itchy" feeling and try to find relief by constantly scratching.  This happens because your beard acts like a wick pulling moisture from your face, leaving it dry and itchy.  This is where beard oil comes in to help.  Beard oil moisturizes your hair and skin.  This is great to use before going to bed and anytime you wash your face.  After you apply the beard oil, your beard and skin are moisturized, giving a softer feel and shinier look.

Beard Balms

A good supplement to beard oil is a beard balm.  Beard balms generally contain oils, butters, etc. to help condition and moisturize your beard.  The difference over beard oil is that beard balms are leave in conditioners with some holding properties provided by beeswax or other types of wax.  Balms generally give your beard a basic hold strength to tame flyaway hair and moisture locking properties.

Beard Wax

Like the beard balm, beard wax generally contains the exact same ingredients.  The main difference is the concentration of beeswax or other types of wax.  In the beard wax, this concentration is higher than in the balms.  This is done to provide an even stronger hold strength to help provide better control and shaping.

Use Balm or Wax?

This comes down to personal preference and beard characteristics.  For instance, short beards generally just need the balm to help hold down some strays while longer beards need the wax to help hold shape in conditions that would cause your beard to lose it's well groomed look.  A windy day perhaps?  Wax is also generally used for creating shapes for a competition.  Strong holding wax is needed to help keep those shapes.

Now that you know the difference, go ahead and buy some beard products that fit your needs!